Barrington Research offers many services to specifically assist corporations and the executives that run them. These services include:

Corporate Share Repurchases

Barrington Research has been working with corporate clients for nearly 20 years to design, implement and execute repurchase strategies. We have executed billions of dollars of repurchase transactions for companies large and small throughout various industries and on multiple exchanges. Barrington Research can provide assistance in executing these transactions via several methods, including open-market repurchases (SEC Rule 10b-18 and 10b5-1 plans), tender-offer repurchase and accelerated repurchases.

Control and Restricted Stock Transactions

Barrington Research can assist in the sale of control and restricted stock from navigating the applicable rules and regulations (SEC Rule 144), making necessary filings and clearing the stock with the transfer agent, to executing the trade.

Pre-Arranged Trading Plans

We can help executives and other insiders implement and execute pre-arranged trading plans (SEC Rule 10b5-1), allowing them to sell company stock in a predetermined and orderly manner over a period of time (even during blackout periods) while taking advantage of protections afforded against potential insider trading liabilities.

Company Stock Options

We can advise executives on their stock options from understanding the plan, recognizing financial and tax implications, setting an exercise strategy to exercising and selling the stock. When executing a transaction, we contact the company and review its options plan, assist in completing appropriate paperwork, coordinate payment and arrange for cashless exercise if required, ensure Rule 144 compliance and execute the sale.

Brokerage and Asset Management

In addition to any of the specialized transaction support above, Barrington Research provides ongoing brokerage and asset management solutions customized to each client’s needs and objectives. We offer traditional brokerage accounts (cash, margin, retirement plans, etc.) through our clearing firm, JP Morgan Clearing Corp. We also offer investment management services, either on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis, through our affiliated registered investment adviser, Barrington Asset Management, Inc.