While the firm has grown over the past three decades, it remains rooted in and guided by a few defining principles:
Research Driven

In-depth fundamental equity research is critical to investment success. Only through a deep understanding of individual companies, their markets and opportunities, can a firm hope to find and exploit market inefficiencies and valuable opportunities for its clients on a consistent basis. This is why we put research at the core of everything we do – it drives all aspects of the firm.

Relationship Centered

As an investment services firm, ours is a “relationship” business and foremost is the client relationship. Accordingly, we develop strong long-term personal relationships built upon our clients’ trust in our ability to provide thoughtful, objective and ultimately money-making investment opportunities and capital markets advice.

Reputation Focused

Most importantly, our reputation is everything to us. We devote ourselves to advancing and protecting the reputation that we’ve gained over many years – one of credibility, integrity and independence. As a privately-held and employee-owned firm, our reputation and integrity is on the line every day.

Equity Research

Barrington Research was built on a commitment to in-depth, institutional-quality, fundamental equity research and that equity research plays a central role in everything we do today. We have worked with many of the world’s largest institutional investors for more than 30 years and have earned a reputation as a trusted and independent source of investment advice. Our goal is to generate research on compelling investment ideas for…

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Institutional Sales

Our seasoned institutional sales team communicates the firm’s investment ideas to a wide range of institutional clients across North America, including: mutual funds, banks, pension funds, insurance companies, hedge funds and independent money managers. As the primary interface between clients and our research staff, our salespeople are dedicated to proactively presenting Barrington Research’s investment ideas in a timely manner. We specifically tailor our communications and distribution to…

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When it comes time to take action on an investment idea, our trading department is highly capable of executing equity trades of any type or size. Our desk is composed of seasoned traders with notable expertise in executing more difficult trades, particularly those less-liquid, smaller-cap coverage names, through our superior crossing capabilities. Our sales traders can actively structure a trading strategy utilizing capital markets insight, trading relationships…

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Investment Banking

Barrington Research offers a wide range of investment banking services to both private and public, small- and mid-cap companies. Our Investment Banking Department is composed of a team of professionals with the skill and experience to combine creative ideas, perceptive judgment and expert execution to satisfy the needs of our clients. Over the past several decades, Barrington Research has been involved in hundreds of transactions. We believe…

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Asset Management

Barrington Research provides asset management services for individual, business and institutional clients through Barrington Asset Management, Inc., an affiliated registered investment advisor. Barrington Asset Management offers professional portfolio management primarily through separately managed accounts and investment partnerships. For more information, please call us at 312.634.6363, or visit the Barrington Asset Management website at www.barringtonasset.com.

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