Barrington Research offers a wide range of investment banking services to both private and public, small- and mid-cap companies.

Our Investment Banking Department is composed of a team of professionals with the skill and experience to combine creative ideas, perceptive judgment and expert execution to satisfy the needs of our clients. Over the past several decades, Barrington Research has been involved in hundreds of transactions.

We believe in developing long-term client relationships through an ongoing commitment to our clients before, during and after a transaction. We go beyond the individual transaction and focus on the long-term success of our clients. We strive to gain a continual and in-depth understanding of each client’s business and industry in order to provide the best advice possible — even if that means not pursuing a transaction. Once we undertake a transaction, we manage every step of the process and devote our collective abilities to ensure the optimal outcome.

We offer our services to emerging and established growth companies, primarily in those sectors and industries that we follow on a research basis.

Our services include:


Having access to long-term capital is vital to a company’s success. We assist our clients throughout the capital formation process, from early stage to later-stage financings, from equity to debt and from private placements to public offerings. We assist clients in analyzing their capital structure and evaluating different financing alternatives to best meet the client’s financial objectives.

  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Public Follow-On and Secondary Offerings
  • Confidentially Marketed Public Offerings
  • Registered Direct Offerings
  • Private Investments in Public Equities (“PIPES”)
  • Convertible Security Offerings
  • Private and Public Debt Offerings

Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide services for parties on both sides of a transaction. For buyers, we can assist in developing acquisition strategies, identifying and screening potential acquisition targets, performing due diligence, and structuring and negotiating the acquisition. For sellers, we can assist in defining the objectives for the sale, developing a divestiture strategy, valuing the business, identifying qualified buyers and structuring and negotiating the transaction.

  • Acquisition Advisory
  • Divestiture Advisory
  • Strategic Partner Transactions
  • Spin-offs


There are a number of circumstances under which a company may be required, or would be well served, to have an independent third-party valuation of its business, whether it’s a fairness opinion, solvency opinion or other valuation. Barrington Research is well qualified to provide these services, along with the necessary reports and documentation to fully support the valuation of a company, its assets and liabilities and its securities.

Small Company Services

While we work with companies of all sizes, our specialty is working with smaller public companies. Today there are approximately 3,000 public companies with a market cap of less than $300 million. Many of these companies have very low liquidity, little research sponsorship and limited institutional ownership – a situation that we call the “small-cap trap.” See Chart We specialize in offering advice and services to these types of companies to help alleviate some of these issues, and help companies escape the “trap.”

For more information about our Investment Banking department, please e-mail Gregory Paris at , or call at 312.634.6360