Our seasoned institutional sales team communicates the firm’s investment ideas to a wide range of institutional clients across North America, including: mutual funds, banks, pension funds, insurance companies, hedge funds and independent money managers.

As the primary interface between clients and our research staff, our salespeople are dedicated to proactively presenting Barrington Research’s investment ideas in a timely manner. We specifically tailor our communications and distribution to meet the numerous objectives of each client. Our sales team sets itself apart from others on Wall Street by being very research oriented and knowing our coverage companies better than any other sales team. The sales team builds exceptional client relationships through regular contact by telephone, email and office visits, where our institutional sales people and clients can talk through investment ideas and discuss the specific investment criteria of each client. As this information comes into focus, the sales team will coordinate analyst follow-up calls and meetings, investment conferences and one-on-one meetings with company management teams, where appropriate to help maximize value for each client.

Our sales coverage includes virtually all significant markets throughout the United States and Canada. In addition to the major East Coast financial centers, we have a very strong presence in the Midwest and other niche markets often ignored by larger investment banks. Our clients tend to be more traditional buy-and-hold institutional investors as opposed to higher turnover/rapid-trading investors. Lastly, while we call on many of the largest financial institutions, we have strong relationships with many of the smaller- and mid-sized institutional investors which often are not covered as well by big Wall Street firms.

Much like our strategy of covering under-followed companies and industries, our sales strategy places emphasis on institutional investment managers in the Midwest and other niche markets that may be underserved and overlooked by our competitors on the coasts. We feel that this focus adds significant value to the distribution process and improves the breadth of our coverage companies’ institutional ownership. We want to make a difference with both our clients (with good investment ideas and access to management) and our coverage companies (with balanced distribution and broader institutional exposure).

For more information about our Institutional Sales department, or to find out how to establish a relationship with Barrington Research, please e-mail Craig Christensen at , or call at 312.634.6356